When is Bail Usually an Option, and When is it Not Offered?

Laws prevent a judge from unreasonably holding someone without due process. However, the judge still sets the bail amounts, and requiring a very high bail to be posted can be the same thing as denying bail. Many jurisdictions are transitioning away from cash bail for this reason. The bottom line is that pretrial release (or release READ MORE

Judges Can Deny Bail. Cosby Remains Detained Throughout Appeals.

We’ve posted many blogs in an attempt to educate our local Cleveland, Ohio market (and Ohio in general) about bail reform including: Bail Reform. What is it? Pros and Cons. Cleveland Bail Reform: Detainees’ Deaths Illustrate a Broken Bail System? Bail Bondsman Near Me: Cuyahoga County Bail Reforms Under New Justice System and even New Google READ MORE

New Google Results for “Bail Bonds Near Me”

As the bail reform debate continues, Google has decided to unequivocally pick a side. As of July 2018, when a Google search previously returned many paid results, or Google Ads, the only results now being returned are organic search results, and local listings because Google has decided not to allow bail bonds companies to advertise READ MORE

Bail Bondsman Near Me: Cuyahoga County Bail Reforms Under New Justice System

Bail Bondsman Near Me: New Bail Reforms in Cuyahoga A recent article from ideastream.org shows recommended changes currently circling for how bail is set for people arrested in Cuyahoga county. The article states that among its recommendations were a centralized system for setting bail, instead of having each of the county’s 13 municipal courts do READ MORE