FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About the Bail Bonds Process

If you are new to the court system and bail bonds process than you will likely have many questions. Our team at ABC Bail Bonds has comprised a list of the most commonly asked questions here.

How does the bail bond process work?

When posting a bond, a contractual agreement (application) between the bail bond company and the indemnitor (signer) must be completed. By signing a bond, the indemnitor and the bail agent guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in court every time they are ordered to do so. During the application process the signer will pay the bond premium, any court costs, and any additional fees (i.e. travel etc). Once the application process is complete the bail bondsman will go to the jail or the court and post the bond for the defendant. The defendant is then released from custody. Please Note: Defendant release times vary depending on the jurisdiction.

What are the requirements to be able to sign for a bond?

You must to be 18 years of age or older, have a valid picture I.D., be employed and have an established work history, In the case of a larger bond, you may be required to be a home owner and/or have cash collateral.

How much is the bond premium?

The fee when posting a bail bond is ten percent (10%) of the face value of the bond. This is state mandated by the Department of Insurance. Example: The fee for a $10,000 bond would be $1,000. An addition fee may be added for travel or court fees for posting the bond.

Is the premium I paid refundable?

No, the money that you pay to the bondsman is non-refundable. This money goes to the insurance company that backs the bail bond company and the actual bonding company for the services that they provide.

Why do I need a bail bondsman?

You need a bondsman if the court/judge sets a surety bond. A surety bond is only able to be posted by a bondsman. The use of a bondsman insures the court that someone besides the defendant will be responsible for their appearance in court.

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