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There are a number of terms regarding bail and the bail bonds process that are not part of our normal vocabulary. It can be frustrating to understand what your options are and what the costs could be when it comes to posting bail for yourself or a loved one.  Below is a list of words you're likely to encounter throughout the bail process. Click the plus (+) icon  to open the definition for each word you are trying to understand. Call the team at ABC Bail Bonds at 216-696-4866 with any questions about the process, or fill out the contact form on this website.

Glossary of Bail Bonds Terms

Bail bond

A bail bond (aka surety bond) is a written promissory note submitted to the court by the bonding company for the full face amount of the bond. This is done to secure the release of an accused party. A bail bond ensures that the accused will appear to all future court dates and abide by any and all other conditions imposed on them by the court for the full duration of their case.

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